Tweets about “alfa maleness”

Yesterday I heard a good sermon preached about our responsibilities as men, alas, as alfa males that we’re supposed to be.

I agreed to most of, but not to all of it, and I made my point by saying so to the pastor, who looked astonished that I didn’t.

One (if not both) of the two, he either didn’t know me (and my confrontative personality), or he didn’t expect anyone to disagree on him.

I can’t support his idea that, in the light of the 21st century, women should stay home and not have to work. #sexism

Prioritizing home affairs, her husband and kids, is no excuse for a woman not to contribute with her own share of the household income.

And by that I’m saying that the man is indeed the provider of the family, but in times like these a woman should be helper in that area too.

But hey, that’s me. I can’t force anyone, male or female, to abide to those standards…